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Make You Car Tough To Steal – Crime Prevention Tips

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“No Cost” Precautions

– Take Your Keys. Nearly 2O% of all vehicles stolen had the keys in them.
– Lock Your car. Approximately 25% of all vehicles stolen were left unlocked.
– Never Hide a Second Set of Keys in Your Car.
– Park in Well-lighted Areas.
– Park in Attended Lots.
– If You Park in an Attended Lot, Leave Only the Ignition/door Key.
– Never Leave Your Car Running, Even if You’ll Only Be Gone for a Minute.
– Completely Close Car Windows When Parking.
– Don’t Leave Valuables in Plain View.
– Park With Your Wheels Turned Towards the Curb.
– If Your Vehicle is Rear-Wheel drive, Back Into Your driveway.
– Always Use Your Emergency Brake When Parking.
– If You Have a Garage, Use It.
– When Parking in a Garage, Lock the Garage door and Your Vehicle.
– Disable Your Vehicle When Leaving it Unattended for an Extended Period.
– Replace “T”-shaped door Locks With Straight Locks.
– Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
– Engrave Expensive Accessories

Investing In Vehicle Protection

– Ignition Kill Switch
– Fuel Kill Switch
– Visible Steering Wheel Lock
– Floorboard Locks
– Gearshift Locks
– Tire/Wheel Locks
– Hood Locks
– Armored Collar Around the Steering Column
– Alarms
– Vehicle Tracking

Lock, Take and Hide Crime Prevention Tips

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The Lock, Take and Hide Public Awareness Program is a program related to reducing auto burglaries and auto theft.

LOCK your cars, TAKE your keys, and HIDE your belongings.

The large majority of auto thefts occur when people leave their vehicles unsecure with expensive belongings in plain sight.

The Dallas Police Department and the City of Dallas encourage business owners, apartment complexes, shopping centers, malls, movie theaters, and parking companies through the city to place LOCK, TAKE and HIDE signs on their property.

LOCK, TAKE and HIDE Public Awareness Program Signs

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