Animal Cruelty Unit

We’ve Reached Our Goal! With the help of our friends and partners in the Dallas community, we have reached our goal of raising the necessary funds to create the Animal Cruelty Unit in Dallas County.

    The Animal Cruelty Unit will address offenses such as intentionally killing or causing serious bodily injury, torture, abandonment, dog fighting and cockfighting. The Dallas County District Attorney will uphold this mission by providing a dedicated prosecutor and investigator. This commitment will enhance the safety for both the citizens and animals in Dallas County.


    • Lack of training for law enforcement officers on the proper charging of offenders using animal cruelty statutes and appropriate case reporting.
    • Lack of education and standard guidelines on essential evidence collection among first responders and animal welfare departments throughout Dallas County.
    • Inability to identify and target areas in Dallas County with high amounts of animal cruelty activity due to lack of cross reporting or data collection by law enforcement agencies and animal services departments.
    • Non-existent community service programs aimed at rehabilitation and education for animal cruelty offenders.
    • Lack of community involvement


    • Maintain a case docket for all misdemeanor and felony animal cruelty cases.
    • Provide training to law enforcement agencies and other first responders regarding animal cruelty statutes, case reporting, and evidence collection so the offenders can be successfully prosecuted.
    • Identify Dallas County areas with high number of animal abuse activity and design response programs for these areas.
    • Provide ongoing assistance and information to animal control departments and local veterinarians in order to facilitate the successful prosecution of animal cruelty cases.
    • Implement a campaign in Dallas County to raise community awareness regarding animal abuse by involving local businesses, schools, and private organizations.