iWatch Dallas

iWatch Dallas is an interactive crime watch program and partnership with the Dallas Police Department that enables members of the community to anonymously report suspicious behaviors and activities in real time from their mobile phones.

    Dallas is a remarkable city. It’s the ninth largest city in the country and a melting pot of various cultures and backgrounds. Unfortunately, we’re also a city plagued with a high crime rate. In fact, our robbery crime rate alone is almost three times the national average, and in 2009, there were a total of 81,585 reported crimes.

    The good news is, the crime rate is beginning to go down, and with the continued help of community organizations, we can make crime virtually vanish from Dallas. The more eyes and ears the Dallas Police Department have keeping a watch on the neighborhood and reporting inconsistent activities, the safer it will be. iWatch Dallas, will enable us to do just that.

    Send crime tips from the web or Your mobile phone. Anywhere, anytime. Anonymously. A simple observation, a single report can help solve a crime. If one person can make a difference, consider what an entire community can do.

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