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Introducing The Stinger, the best weapon yet to reduce officer-involved shootings.

The Stinger fires a hard foam round that can disarm or incapacitate a suspect fr om a safe distance, which makes it less likely that the officer will have to use a gu n. Unlike a taser-type weapon, which has a maximum effective range of 13 feet, The Stinger can be used to quickly subdue a suspect from as far as 150 feet away, allowing officers to handcuff without incident.

The foam round hits at a speed of approximately 95 miles per hour, with about the impact of a MLB fastball, making it safer for officers to approach and disable. According to Dallas Police Chief David Brown, this new weapon, which citizens will be able to recognize by its bright yellow color, will be issued to patrol officers and used when other officers with conventional weapons are also on the scene.

Safer Dallas Better Dallas has stepped forward to raise $250,000 for the Dallas Police Department to cover the purchase, ammunition and officer training for the first 250 Stingers and we’re turning to you for help.

Keep Dallas Safer.  Support The Stinger.  Safer For Officers, Safer for Citizens.



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