Communities Foundation of Texas and WW Caruth Fund

The partnership of the WW Caruth Fund of the Communities Foundation of Texas and Safer Dallas began after previous Caruth chair Ruth Altshuler attended a presentation by our founders Charles T. Terrell and Jack Hammack. Seeing the potential to make an important difference in Dallas, she approached the the Caruth Fund and the decision was made that they would give a three-year grant of $15 million to Safer Dallas Better Dallas.

  • $5 million purchased cell phones for investigators and cameras and back seat barriers for police cars.
  • $10 million funded the establishment of the Caruth Police Institute at UNT Dallas.
  • The Communities Foundation of Texas through the WW Caruth Fund also provided $565,000 to fund our DOORS program which works with formerly incarcerated prisoners’ re-entry into society.

Meadows Foundation

  • $840,000 from the Meadows Foundation resulted in 40 elevated, digital cameras to cover the Central Business District.
  • The Meadows Foundation provided SDBD funds for administrative support for a three year period.
  • The Meadows Foundation made an $80,000 grant to the DOORS program and they were able to generate an additional $45,000 from private donors from a “matching challenge.”

The Rotary Club of Dallas

  • A donation from the Rotary Club of Dallas and individual citizens funded the purchase of assault rifles for police officers.
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