Neighborhood and Community Leaders Spotlight

Safer Dallas Better Dalas and Chief David Brown Announce New Community Sponsors for Crime Fighting Technology

Safer Dallas Better Dallas is proud to announce JLB Partners, a locally owned national developer, builder and manager of multi-family properties has contributed $30,000 to kick-off the Safer Dallas Better Dallas campaign to raise funds for the Ross Bennett TAAG area.

    Gary Griffith, President, Safer Dallas Better Dallas and Dallas Police Chief David Brown have outlined how the community can support new crime fighting technology available for our city’s hot spots. Technology is one of the key elements of Chief Brown’s Community Policing 2.0; based on engaging communities and neighborhoods and using new technology.

    TAAG areas are geographic hot spots within the city where conditions are favorable for crime to occur. Twenty-seven areas have been identified and represent approximately 6% of the city, or about 26 square miles, and have about 36% of the total crimes.

    Financial support is needed for Safer Dallas Better Dallas to purchase equipment for each TAAG Area, including:

  • Three Wheeled Vehicles
  • Neighborhood Security Cameras
  • Bait Car Program
    – Burglarized Motor Vehicle Tracking Equipment
    – UMV (stolen vehicle) Tracking Equipment
  • Mobile License Plate Readers
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